Mobile Phone Development

CWT Inc. has developed several mobile phone applications for both iPhone and Android enabled devices. Significant improvements in microprocessor technology in the cellular phone market has allowed CWT Inc. to port intensive applications across platforms to support multiple user bases.

Some current developments include:

  • Enhanced video recorder with Speech-to-Text capabilites
  • Real-time satellite tracker

CWT Inc. will continue to develop and integrate secure and commercial mission-oriented mobile applications.

Software Development

CWT, Inc. software engineering expertise grew from building real-time data processing systems for our customers. CWT engineers design, develop and test software for mission-critical applications based on the needs of our customers. We can program in most languages, and our development team will work with you to ensure that you are getting the performance you desire. For the tough problems, we will work with you so that we approach the problem in the best way, so we can pave the way together.

Management Support

CWT Inc. has served on technical advisory boards at customer organizations to provide technical analysis support to customer Program Management. CWT Inc. has built rapport with all its customers to serve as a trusted authority and expediter both for technical and process oriented issues.In addition to technical authority, CWT Inc. provides guidance on Research & Development Road Maps to ensure successful growth of customer organizations. We provide an honest broker approach to ensure stakeholder requirements are met, and that the right solution is provided to the right customers, at the right times.